excuses not to work out

We’ve all done it. You wake up in the morning with the best intentions to work out that day and then…(insert excuse here) happens. Workout gets cancelled.

Sure, there are days when finding any time for a workout may seem more like the sequel of ‘Mission Impossible’ and life does get in the way sometimes. Other times, the lame excuses happen.

In the beginning, I was very keen on finding reasons as to why NOT to work out. You wouldn’t believe the lengths I would go to so I can find an excuse.  ‘Hey, it’s going to rain’, I would say when a small fluffy cloud appeared on the horizon. And so on.

Here’s a list my favourite personal excuses I’ve used to cancel on my fitness and how you can use these as motivation on how not to avoid your planned workout session.                      excuses not to exercise

Excuse #1: My colleagues are going for after-work drinks
Let’s be honest here. If your colleagues are anything like mine, they probably go for drinks every other day. Nothing will happen if you skip a drinking session. Or two. Now, I’m not saying you should become anti-social all of a sudden but limit the after-work drinks to once a week on a day like Friday, for example. Or if the drinks are well-known days in advance, work out in the morning of that day or during your lunch break.

Excuse #2: It’s too hot/cold outside
Ah, the weather card. Hard to argue with that one when your work out outdoors. Let’s look at this objectively. Going for a run will have you sweaty anyway so the fact it’s hot outside, doesn’t matter. Now, I’m not saying you should be working out in the midday heat, but morning and early evenings are perfect times for those living in warm climates. In the cold-weather case, there’s nothing like a workout to warm you up! There, case closed.

Excuse #3: I have a job and a family
I loved excusing myself in my own head with this phrase. Hey, I have a full-time job and a family, it’s fine to skip a workout today. Or even tomorrow. My personal favourite under this excuse criteria was, I don’t want to miss quality time with my kids. Fair enough, don’t. Wake up early in the morning when kids are still sleeping and work out. Alternatively, find 20 minutes in the evening after they’ve gone to sleep. Or go during your lunch break at work.

Excuse #4: I’m a stay-at-home mum
The time I spent being a stay-at-home was also the time I was overflowing with excuses faster than a river spilling due to heavy rainfall. I never have a minute to myself, I’m with the kids every second and minute, I barely sit throughout, I’m exhausted… Realistically, stay-at-home mums do have it harder especially when the kids are still small, need mummy more, etc. When your kids are small, however, that also means they go to sleep eventually. In the case of babies, no excuse. Grab that pram, put baby in it and walk around the neighborhood. Housework never ends. It will still be there after the 20-30 minutes later. Of course, there are ways to make your housework chores into a full-blown workout and that’s win-win for all. I’ll write about that in another post.

Excuse #5: I walk the dog everyday as it is
I’m walking the dog around so he can finish his business, that’s enough of a workout. Yes, sure it is, if you have one of those big dogs who need to run instead of walking, for long periods of time. But for small dog owners like myself, that’s not enough. I mean, my dog walking’s speed is more of a snail who likes to sniff rather than Speedy Gonzales. For those with very sedentary lifestyles, walking the dog is great, better than nothing. But for those more advanced fitness types, it is not.

Excuse #6: Too sore from previous workout
You know how when you drink too much the night before and wake up with a hangover, you are advised with having a drink? Same logic here. Not as intense as the previous workout but moving will definitely alleviate your sore muscles a lot more than sitting on the couch.

Excuse #7: Can’t afford the gym fees
That was an old excuse of mine I used for years. Gyms are so expensive, I’d say. Lame excuse. If anyone wants to engage in a fitness activity but has no budget for a gym, then use the outdoors as your gym field. Or get online and find some exercises. Remember we live in the age of the Internet where everything is possible? Now, if a gym subscription is your only understanding of working out, then let me ask a question. If you don’t pay for a gym, don’t you spend your leftover money on something else like shoes? Or more nights out with friends? That’s what I used to do.

Excuse #8: I don’t have the right outfit
Oh please! You don’t own a tracksuit? Or some old pants you can use? And an old top? Sure you do. I always used the not-having-the-latest-footwear excuse. I used to convince myself if I used my old trainers, my feet would suffer big time. The reality is they didn’t.

This is just half of the excuses I can think of now and some others were way too lame to share here. As the saying goes: when there’s a will, there’s a way.

Ask yourself why you wanted to work out in the first place. How will you feel afterwards? List your reasons, remove excuses from your head and go!

What are some of your favourite excuses you would like to share?

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