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Being fit means different things to different people. One of the first things you should determine is what does getting fit mean to you.

During these very first steps on my journey of getting fit, I had a few ideas of what it meant to me.

  • Being able to climb a flight of stairs without getting out of breath
  • Being able to run after my toddler effortlessly
  • Gaining strength in my upper arms, just enough to carry said toddler around plus a few shopping bags
  • Being capable of going for long walks and not suffering from severe muscle fever the next day
  • Having a stable back so kneeling down and getting up wouldn’t result in spinal discomfort
  • Eliminating neck stiffness
  • Reducing the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite
  • Feeling more energized throughout the day
  • Getting back that youthful feeling that I so missed
  • And later on, running a 25-mile marathon

Those were just the basic goals I could think of that motivated me enough to begin practising a physical activity at regular weekly intervals.    the meaning of being fit

What I did was write these goals down using a beautiful template design, printed a few copies and stuck them around the house along with a photo of a smiling lady showcasing her muscles that I found on Google. If you’re wondering where I found a beautiful template design, send me an email and I’ll write back to you with a few ideas for creating such templates for free. Thanks, Internet!

Writing your goals down on a piece of paper is just as effective to convince yourself mentally but when you put more effort into it, in a way you seal your intentions in a more formal way. And that makes it harder not to follow through.

Despite appearing slim, I was severely out of shape. There’s a big misconception that when someone looks slim, they must be fit. That couldn’t had been further from the truth in my case. I constantly felt sluggish and lethargic. I desperately wanted to change that feeling of feeling run down and in general, aged before my time.

I had observed friends around me and there was a clear distinction between those who did exercise and those who didn’t, like me.

The ones who engaged in some physical activity were always more upbeat and had a zest for life that others who didn’t exercise, simply lacked.

As I’ve described in other posts here on my blog, I started walking daily as my initial workout plan. Then I increased the pace and began power-walking. After that, I upgraded to running and then yoga and so the story went.

The truth is, when I was a child and throughout my teenage years, I had always worked out one way or another. Walking, running, playing basketball – these were my usual playdates with friends at the time. It’s only with time that some of us, or the majority of us, stop including exercise in our daily routines. And suffer as a result.

There is another problem with getting started on your being fit journey and that is:

That was by far my biggest issue in the very beginning. There is no sugar-coating it: there is sacrifice involved. My choice of sacrifice was my sleep.

I chose to sleep less and wake up earlier in the morning so workout gets out of the way without affecting the rest of my daily schedule.

Of course, some would prefer working out at the end of the day, after work or when the kids are asleep, etc. It’s all up to personal preferences and finding the right time for your body to exercise.

The trick is to stick with that new habit for at least 40 days. Because after that period passes, you wouldn’t be able to imagine going without it.

And that’s the key factor to upping your fitness – make it a necessary part of your daily routine, much like eating. Or taking a shower.

There are also ways to begin incorporating exercise in your day-to-day that wouldn’t even feel like you’re making time to work out such as:

  • Leave the car or public transportation alone and WALK
  • Take the STAIRS instead of the lift
  • Put your favourite tunes on and DANCE
  • Always offer to do the CLEANING CHORES
  • Get a DOG – the bigger, the better. Apart from the unconditional love they give us, dogs need to walk a few times a day.

So there you have it. No more excuses. Time to get into the fitness action.

Would I say I’m fit now, you ask? In all honesty, still not at my ideal fitness level but getting closer to it, that’s for sure.

I have achieved all my initial fitness goals apart from the 25-mile marathon. Time to get off the computer and go practise.

What are your fitness goals and how do you incorporate them into your daily schedule?

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