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Product: Zoe Bray-Cotton’s Yoga Burn Booty Challenge Review
Price: $ 37 – 57 + Shipping & Handling (retail)
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Here I am all excited and feeling like a superhero because I’ve just completed the 4-week Booty challenge that the enterprise Yoga Burn offers. I did promise to write a review on the Booty program in my earlier product review of the Yoga Burn series so here it comes.

Most females I know- me, myself and I included- usually have some sort of issue with their backsides.

They either want to lift the booty, sculpt the booty, remove all fat from the booty or well, just order a new perky bottom and call it quits.

Ah, would that not be lovely? Just order a new booty and not have to work hard on the old one you’ve been stuck for years. Either way, that was never an option for me, so I decided to try Zoe’s Booty Burn program.

Who is Zoe Bray-Cotton? yoga burn booty challenge

Zoe Bray-Cotton is an internationally certified personal trainer and yoga fitness instructor.

The first thing to catch my attention when watching Zoe is that she’s a very warm, genuine individual. Her voice is soothing and that’s great for anyone trying to stick to a program where they only listen to their instructor without having any one-on-one engagement.

She’s also really fit, or in my male friend’s words, ‘hot and sexy’.

You wouldn’t be following the fitness advice of someone who looked like they needed to tone up, right?

Well, Zoe’s figure is a true testament that her programs work and that they focus on keeping women’s lovely curves, just a heck lot more toned and sculpted.

What is the Yoga Burn Booty Challenge?

In short, it’s a 3-step unique fitness method designed to target and activate all three muscles of the glutes in an effective manner. The three steps are:

  1. Prime
  2. Activate
  3. Pump

This unique method gives you the right exercise with the right amount of time for a more effective booty result. It’s the same as having a personal trainer who would devise a plan for you for faster results. It is designed to help tone the butt, hips and legs. And it’s specially tailored for women’s bodies.

Each workout is a mere 15 minutes. The claim is that it is so intense that within this short period of time, you get your metabolism boosted, burn calories and get the health benefits that any superb workout will deliver.

I placed my order and within a couple of weeks I had the DVD delivered. If you live in the States, you’ll only have to wait between 7-10 business days.  Of course, Zoe is so nice that upon ordering, you’re given immediate online access to the program with your receipt so no time is wasted but I’m old-fashioned like that so I waited for the package to arrive before starting.

Here I was so ready to get a brand-new booty that I immediately watched the introductory video. In it, Zoe tells you the best way to see results is to do the booty 3 times a week: the first time – one workout of 15 minutes; second time – two workouts at 30 minutes and third time – 3 workouts equaling 45 minutes.

The DVD comes with 4 discs for each week of the month. There are some bonus videos featured as well such as the Yoga Burn Booty Nutrition Video where Zoe explains the kid of nutrition you should be following for optimum health and shape.

I suggest you watch the videos in advance so you’re somewhat mentally prepared for what is coming. Nonetheless, like with all of Zoe’s programs, I fell in love with the Booty from that very first workout.

What I love about the Yoga Burn Booty Challenge

Time-saving: each workout is only 15 minutes. I mean who doesn’t have 15 minutes either in the morning before work or in the evening when the kids are asleep? Or even during your lunch break?

Convenient: you can do the workouts in the comfort of your home, office, school, etc. Basically, whenever you have an Internet access to access the online link or a DVD player.

Intense: it may look so easy when watching the workouts but try doing them instead. After the first week, my booty was on fire! I didn’t have a single butt muscle that wasn’t sore. Which means it’s working pretty well.

Easy to follow: Zoe is a great instructor even through video and she’s quite thorough in her instructions making the program easy to follow. She also does the exercises with you, so it doesn’t feel as if you’re suffering alone.

Yoga – inspired: you may not feel as if you’re doing any kind of yoga with the Yoga Burn Booty Challenge, but I guarantee you’d feel the increased flexibility as a result of yoga and the improved posture you’re bound to feel. The Booty program is yoga-inspired after all.

Energizing: Any of the Booty workouts give plenty of energy. If you do it first thing in the morning, you’re bound to have a ton more energy throughout the day. If you, like me, mostly find time in the evenings, that’s fine, too. Just make sure it’s not right before bedtime as you might be too pumped up for sleep.

Cellulite-killer: yep, you read that right. Doing the Yoga Burn Booty Challenge has helped me decrease the appearance of my buttock cellulite I’ve had for years. And strangely, this side effect is not even advertised as much. If that doesn’t make you rush to buy it, I’m not sure what else.

What to watch out for with the Yoga Burn Booty Challenge

Because every good thing has to come with some sort of precaution, right?

Prepare to work hard: it might look easy, but it’s not. Prepare to work hard and feel the burn in places you haven’t felt much for years.

Knees and injury: as great as Booty is, please do check the impact the workouts have on your knees. A lot of the time you’d feel the impact right in the knees and if you’ve had any previous injury, best to have it cleared with your doctor before putting more pressure on that area.

Beware overdoing it: Zoe advises on doing the workouts for a maximum of 90 minutes per week. Especially if you’re a beginner to fitness, do follow her wise advice. Plus, it would keep it way more exciting and you’d be more willing to come back to it time after time.

What are my results now I’ve completed the Yoga Burn Booty Challenge?

The scale hasn’t moved with me which was expected as I have rarely changed my weight over the years. However, …

I’m down a dress size, my jeans are loose in the hip area and my butt looks great for the first time since childhood! And my stubborn cellulite is almost non-existent.

Don’t wait any longer!

Go grab your copy so you can start seeing the results you’ve ever wanted.

yoga burn booty challenge

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